About the model

Analysis and development of Organizations to deploy knowledge, value creation and leadership



Success factors

Learning resulting in knowledge, leveraging knowledge resulting in value creation and leadership that gives orientation are the success factors of the future. To know them is the goal of the analysis and the foundation of developing the potential of the organization.

People and organization

Employees, Teams and the Organization are the drivers of the success factors.

Potentialum map

The POTENTIALUM Map shows the achievement potential of the organization at a glance. Out of its analysis a strategy to increase current and future performance can be developed.

Georg Michalik

Dr. Georg Michalik is a developer of potential and a management consultant. The organizational psychologist accompanies firms in their transformation towards greater performance and future viability.

Licensed Consultants

Jack Rietiker
Swissmem Academy
Sabine Lang Thurston
Lang Thurston Consulting
Roland Stäheli
Swissmem Academy
Daniel Schweizer
Swissmem Academy
Matthias Puschert
Swissmem Academy


  • Organization model

    Visualization of the Status Quo and the progress of the Development.

  • Results workshop

    The results of the analysis are together discussed in the company.

  • Online survey

    Simple Self Assessment on PC or with the App on all levels of the enterprise.

  • Action planning

    Out of the results of the analysis actions for an increase of performance and sustainable success can be decided and planned.

  • Detailed Analysis

    Data analysis on all dimensions of the model provides a detailed insight into the situation of the company.

  • Implementation change management

    Change Management, measurement and visualization of the successes.


In today's VUCA world, we need to rethink organizations and leadership. Every organization must find its own way, taking into account culture, markets, history, etc.. Potentialum is precisely the map/thought model for shaping the transition into industry 4.0.

Jack Rietiker
Swissmem Academy

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